The Bay is Home

Nairobi Williese Barnes

Nairobi Williese Barnes

If places were people,
The Bay,
That's my momma.
She nurtures me, she's raised me,
She's seen to it that I've grown.

She's fluffing my ‘fro,
Picking my hair ‘till it grows.
She's doing me right,
Parting my hair down like
The East 14th streets I comb.

She's keeping me full,
Paying me like the ‘Frisco toll
Just to spit knowledge in my words.
From Fruitvale up to the West
I give poetry wherever I roam.

She's showing me the way,
Down Laurel Street fairs,
MacArthur's where I shine,
To 125th's library
That's where my beauty can be shown.

And she chants,
The Bay chants to me,
Praise Allah!
Amen Rah!
She chants to call me to her,
Because the Bay is my home.

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